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Kefir Grains

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You must contact us after purchase for instructions for use. 

If you do not contact us within 3 days of receiving your grains, the one month guarantee will not be activated! To request, WhatsApp us at +65-83000081 

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  • Adopt a set of hungry Kefir Grains to make your own kefir! 
  • For a good home, requires attention every 24 hours.
  • At first, your culture will be enough to brew 350mL of dairy milk every 24 hours.
  • With care, in one month you will be capable of brewing ~1 Liter ever 24 hours.
  • Results vary depending on brew variables and preference.

Every purchase includes:  

  1. Enough culture to convert 350mL milk per day to kefir
  2. one-month unconditional replacement guarantee
  3. Basic Instructions for homebrewing
  4. Basic SMS support 


Note: Can be shipped with the bottled beverages for no extra charge.