Environmental Sustainability & Human Rights

Here at Bushwick we pride ourselves on being a sustainable company. Through our modest means, we wish to help sustain and improve the world we live in by whatever means are necessary to one day become a 0 waste company. It is important to put these practices and goals into place before we grow so that we can  grow as a sustainable company

This ethos is felt at the very core of the Kombucha movement and we are proud and blessed and so lucky to be the leaders of it here in Singapore. We could never have achieved this without your help, for which we are ever grateful.


Bottle returns

You can help us too, by returning your used bottles to our delivery persons on each order. Feel free to let us know you have bottles to return in the remarks on your next order at checkout.

We appreciate every little bit you can contribute and this is one way you can make a small difference to our environment and a big difference to helping our company achieve our dream of Zero Waste


Our work with Human Rights Organizations

In August 2018 Bushwick launched its full-time Corporate Social Responsibility programme by way of a fundraiser and volunteer effort for the over 130,000 displaced peoples in the south of Myanmar by flooding in the beginning of August 2018.

We are cooperated successfully with RescueTaskForce.org for this project and looking for other organisations with whom we can collaborate in the future.


Email us with subject "SOCIAL ENTERPRISE" at Kombu@cha.sg

Be well,

Bushwick Pte Ltd

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