Kombucha Information

About Kombucha

What is contained in our bottles is not just another Organic Kombucha. That is why we call it Elevated.

Kombucha is a complementary part of any healthy diet, whether your diet is ketogenic, plant-based, muscle building, or just simply balanced and regular!

Kombucha is, at the heart of every bottle, an ancient association of bacteria, and their transient friends - wild yeasts (like those in Sourdough Bread). Their aggregated wisdom is tapped on by us at Bushwick, and the tea is fermented into a refreshing fizzy, probiotic soda. 

Some benefits of drinking Bushwick Kombucha:

  • Low-calorie (38cal/330mL)
  • Mood boost
  • Improves complexion
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hangover relief
  • Improved energy management
  • Crash-free energy
  • Cleanses digestion
  • Excellent tonic for food poisoning
  • Relief from IBS
  • Post-antibiotic balancing of the microbiome
  • Immune boosting
*Kombucha is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease

However, more than any 'benefit' that could be referenced, is the intention brewed into these bottles. It is Elevated and acts as a foundation for any lifestyle aligned with that.

Bushwick Kombucha is balanced in flavors, truly artisanal, with subtletly and pairs well with great food.

Shelf life, Storage & Consumption information:
Bushwick Kombucha is raw, and intended to be stored in a cool, dry place 20°C or lower. The expiration date is one year from date of purchase but drink frequently for optimum effect.