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****ELEVATED* 21 Pack (8% off)

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Live Elevatedwith Bushwick. The Elevated package is our top-tier set. Enjoy first thing, before your next HIIT Session and as every day refreshment. 

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  • 7 of our freshest Kombucha flavors for anytime

  • 5 Bulletproof Coffee Breakfast Replacements

  • 5 Turmeric Elixir for that midday push

  • 4 Milk Kefir for snacks and smoothies

This powerful combination of daily Probiotics, Adaptogens, and Immune Boosters will help ensure balance in the following:

  • Digestion

  • Mood

  • Clarity

  • Complexion

  • Energy levels

So whether you're planning your next fitness cycle or just looking to stay sharp in business or school, keep cutting edge with Bushwick.

Live Elevated. Bushwick.

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